2013 Finalists

Here are the 2013 Show Me the Music Songwriting Contest Finalists!

 The Finalists are listed in no particular order.  The name and song will be listed under the platform in which the artist entered.

 The top 5  Artists/Songs in each Genre will be listed by November 15th.

 All winners will be notified by November 15th.

Special thanks to ALL who entered our contest this year and CONGRATULATIONS to our Finalists!!!!

We look forward to picking this year’s winners, wish you the best:)

-Show Me the Music, llc





Cash Lewis: Monroe

Scotty haze Band: Roll the Dice

Lene Fayre: Love Burning Alive

Afton Prater: Forever With You

Taylor Marie: Coals

Carly Jo Jackson: Wildflower

Paiko: Andrea

Rachel Potter: The Verdict

Lara Johnston: K.I.S.S

The Como Brothers Band: Straight Face

Valencia Myrick: Glass

Carla Coppa: Pull me Under

Sammy Hakim: Fearless

Lauren Elise: Lonely Alone

Luke Betchner: Sunday Drive

Justine Dorsey: Mama’s Song

Bec & Sebastian: It Comes to an End

Abbi Walker: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Abbi Walker: I’m Grown

Kelsey Lewis: Beautiful View

Sarah Brown: Alright

Brooke Rose: Alibi

Jordan Wilson: Forever

Haley Stevens: Rewrite our Song

Richey Lam: Night of our Lives

Sky Terminal: Tonight

The Quixote Project: Lay Me Down

Abbey Scott: Revenge

Rest. Why’d You Change

Angelica Joni: Heart Breaker

Cymcole’: Bailiamos in the Dark

Candice Russell: Loved by You

Farley: Don’t Go

BZZZ: Can’t Stop Running

Lisa Hillary: Green Mountain Gold

De Shaude: Never Let Go

The Rayo Brothers: Caroline

Unique: Moving Backward

Esther Sparkes: Unleashed

Mike Green Music: I’ll Wait for You

There Be Lions: You and What Army

Michael Dean: Puppeteer

Laura Owens: My Turn

Beau Johnson: Cut and Run




Julie Kathryn: The Coast ( Fast Johnny)

Express & Company: Out by the Trees

Julia Henning: If and only If

Scott Stevens: We Grew Up

Steve Schultz: Eldridge Ave.

Peter Block: Three Chords

Jai Fears: Get it Girl

Gretchen Pleuss: Unraveled

Lauren Elise: Lonely Alone

Drew Schofield: Deep, Black Hole

The River North: Sails

Dundeal Entertainment: Promise This

Jacob Jeffries: Crazy Under the Moon

Matthew Genorese: Times Ticken Away

Matthew Genorese: Nothing That I Do

Tom Glynn: Nothing Next to Loving You

Emma Rowley: Blue Eyes

Katrina Cain: The Hunter and the Dove

Tachyon: Circles

Jim Brentar: Jury Duty

Scott Stevens: We Grow Up

Rebecca Jimenez: I am Yours

Anastasia: Sparks Fly

Megan Slankard: Part Time Philosopher

Cheryl Casselman: No More

Bonaventure: Just Another Night

Good Night Argent: Nothing More Beautiful

Good Night Argent: Those Were the Days

Katie Hardyman: So Beautiful

Maddy Rodriguez: You Can’t Hide

Kate Diaz: Down to Earth

Bonnie Piesse: I Miss You

Jim Perkins: Somebody Like You

Han: Radio Flyers

Reed Ferguson: Fortune and Fame

Scott Cook: Pass it Along





Parias Day: Pretty Monster

Parias Day: Glass Hearts

Michael George Band: Here’s to Love

JoJo Worthington: Amadeus

James Hoppe: Down This Wide Open Road

Mike Gladstone: Mercy

Thalia Kalodimos: What Do We Know?

Dale Allen: I’ll Take it From Here

Lee Johnson: This Feels Good

Maureen Fichten: So Long

Maureen Fichten: Easy to Fall

Maureen Fichten: Brilliant

Maureen Fichten: Middle of Nowhere

Linsday Hamminga: Just You and Me

Lindsay Hamminga: Naked Words

Lindsay Hamminga: Side By Side

Isoindiv: Dreams

David Alex-Barton: All I Want is You

Alan White: Better Than This

Harris & Roberts: Unsitable

Mike Gladstone: 2AM

Mike Gladstone: Lucky One

Adam Avery: Just Another Day

Will Hopkins: Different

Jim Rezac: Fall

Don Tucker: Intoxicated

Rosemary Gallagher: I Wanna Fall

Ratham Stone: Bang Bang

Howard Pavane: Devastated Land

Howard Pavane: These Iron Bars

Howard Pavane: These Wedding Rings You Wear

Kristen: Goodbye Song

Victoria Celestine: Homework

Victoria Celestine: Clouds

DeDe: The Plans I Have for You

Ryan Paul Walker: Everything You Own

Randy Bishop: Saturday

Anthony Porter: Remember

Sharon Gosler: Climbing Up High

Nick Berry: Maybe

Dave Gorman: Lost in Silence

Justin Howard: When You’re Not Around

Neil Ebanks: Be Where I Am

Brian McNulty: When You Said Goodbye






Jesse Terry: Stay Here With Me

David Jonelis: Like Wildfire

Jesse Terry: Rattling Cage

Tyne’ Angela Freeman: Tug of War

Tom Clawson: Without my Baby

Aaron Agsalda: Home is Wherever You Are

Abby Hankins: Southern Man

Stacy Greer: Because I’m in It

Michael Lee Collins: Angels

Gracie Varga /Joey Jacob  Carry You Home

Sabrina Toon: Hold My Hand

Sabrina Toon: Kaleidoscope

Jeremy Pike: No Good at Lyin’

Jeremy Pike: On the Inside

Stacy Hogan: Nothing Left Here to Burn

Stacy & Debra Hogan: Run Heart Run

Analisa Corral: Now That You’re Gone

Christine Leigh: Deep Down Damned

Rachel Nelson: My Love

Analisa Corral: If You Can’t See

Don Davis: California

Sam Levin: Sure Hope Not

Carol Kay: Lay Me Down

Justina Shandler: Me and the Orchestra

Bryan Michael: Need You Tonight

Maureen Fichten: So Long

Katrina Cain: The Dream

Nitanee Paris &

Jean-Pierre Williams: The Lion Eats You Anyway

Nitanee Paris: Watch Me Go



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