2012 Grand Prize Winner

Morgan Taylor Reid - "Stay Where You Are"

“While writing and producing music for other artists is a dream job for me, my first real passion is creating my own music. I’m so happy to have won the Show Me The Music songwriting contest because it’s such a pleasant reminder that there are still people out there who appreciate music from independent artists […]

Stay Where You Are

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2011 Grand Prize Winner

Debra Arlyn - "Hush"

“The contest put life back into my music career. Before winning I was unsure what my next move was and how to keep going with music. But since winning, I’ve had so many great opportunities come my way…. I had a great time and felt very comfortable recording at Castle Studios.… Being in Nashville, you […]


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mike musik

2010 Grand Prize Winner

Mike Musick, Lindsey Davis, and Melissa Young - "Paradise"

“One of the most relaxing and hassle free experiences of my life! Very fun, exciting and inspiring! …… We made lots of new friends including engineers, players, studio manager and publishers! ….. The guys at Show Me the Music are fantastic and have given us the best recording we have to date! Thanks a million!” […]


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2009 Grand Prize Winner

Lonna Marie - "Nothing Little About Her"

“Show Me the Music Contest was an incredible experience! I have never been to Nashville and never recorded under such professional circumstances. Being surrounded by the amazing talents of the musicians that worked on the song to the amazing crew who helped mix and record it, it was definitely the most exciting moment of my […]

Nothing Little About Her

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