Welcome to our 2013 International “Show Me the Music” songwriting contest.  It was truly amazing to award our 2012 Grand Prize Winner $10,000 dollars and we can’t wait to find our next winners!

 Since 2009 we have sent 6 artists to Nashville.   From New York to Australia we have flown our winners into Music City, U.S.A. and introduced them to some of the biggest talent in the Music Industry. And that has been the mission of this contest from the beginning! “Open doors in an industry where most are closed”

 There are a lot of contests out there….so….

 You may ask yourself,

 “Why should I enter the Show Me the Music songwriting contest?”

 Since our contest is still fairly new on the scene, we receive far less entries than some of the other major songwriting contests.  Although we only had a little over 3000 songs entered last year, we are still offering the same huge prizes you might find when entering contests with 15,000-25,000 plus entries! 

 We are also offering the Largest prize package at the lowest entry fee!

 We do not run your music through an algorithm machine  to find out what a computer says is a great song.  Show Me the Music takes great pride in having real people listen to each song entered.  Songs are judged on melody, lyrics, song structure, and originality.  Entries are not judged on production!

 With that being said, this year’s Grand Prize Winner will have a difficult decision to make…..

$10,000 U.S. cash, or…. $5,000 U.S. cash and a Recording Session in  Music City, Nashville, TN. 

If you win, you choose the prize!


What are the prizes?

 Our contest will have several Cash Prize Winners this year!  Our Grand Prize Winner will choose between $10,000 cash or $5,000 cash and a recording session in Nashville, TN.

Our 2nd place winner overall will be awarded $500 cash

Our 3rd place winner overall will be awarded $250 cash

Our Genre winners will be awarded $100 cash

And many more prizes on top of that!


What are the 2 choices for the Grand Prize Winner?


A) Cash Prize Package:  $10,000 U.S.:

We have noticed that some of those who have entered in the past already have an amazing recording of their original song.  All they need is some cash to get the tour on the road, buy new equipment, pay off some bills, fund a promotion, or just have a fatter wallet.  Prize Package A was designed for these people. In fact, last year’s winner ( Morgan Taylor Reid) is funding his first ever solo album with the $10,000 he won!


We are sure you would like to make music your primary source of income and that is why we are also including Part Time Musician, Full Time Income as part of prize package A and B!(Online program and personal coaching in music-preneurship)  $1000.00 value. You will receive 10 secret income streams for musicians, singers, and songwriters! Make great full-time income with your music while getting massive exposure in new ways…   Find out how and get your free gift @ www.PartTimeMusicianFullTimeIncome.com


Copy Cats Media www.copycatsmedia.com is also manufacturing and donating 500 packaged cd’s of the winning song!

 If this is what you are looking for, then this contest is for you.  Plus much more! Please visit our prize page for more details.



B) Recording Session Prize Package and $5000.00 U.S.:

What if you don’t have a high quality recording of your song or connections in the music business?  We will provide that and more if you win.  If our Winner chooses the Recording Session Prize Package, we will set them up in Nashville, TN, with $5000.00 to use towards airfare and spending money, and a meet and greet with Top Producers, A-list Musicians, Publishers, Songwriters, and Song-pluggers for major labels.  This package also includes a full day session at Quad Recording Studios in Nashville, TN with world renowned producer Rob Feaster.  We will bring the song to life as our winner records with the same musicians who are on today’s #1 radio hits! Copy Cats Media (www.copycatsmedia.com) generously offered to manufacture 500 cd’s of the winning song.  For more details please visit our prize page.


A little info about prize package B:

If our winner chooses Prize Package B, the winning song will be recorded at Quad Recording Studios www.quadstudiosnashville.com This studio has a rich history! Can you imagine recording at the same studio and singing on the same mic as Taylor Swift, Jimmy Buffet, Garth Brooks, Jewel, and many more have?  It’s places like this where music is taken to the next level.  Beautiful studio, rich history, best session players, top producers!  All the ingredients to produce a hit!


Show Me the Music, LLC has also partnered up with world renowned producer Rob Feaster. Rob has worked on projects for George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, Blink 182, Billy Joel, and No Doubt, to name a few.  You can be sure that Rob Feaster will bring a hit tested history of experience to the project! (www.robfeaster.com)


We have worked very hard over the years to bring you the most unique songwriting contest with the lowest entry fee!  We look forward to hearing your original music and wish you the best in the contest!


You can’t win if you don’t enter.  Now, get those songs ready and

Show Me the Music!



Enter Songwriting Contest

* Only $20 Per Song - Enter As Many As You Want!

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